Rockies June 2010

Todd n Me 6-11-10.jpg

Chris Iannetta Swing 6-9-10.jpg
Hunter and me 6-9-10.jpg
Robert posing 1.jpg
The Hosers and Alanna.jpg
Bob and some happy lady.jpg

Misc Pictures from the Rockies Opening Day Weekend 2009


Fowler and Spilborghs 4-12-09.jpg

                             Clint Barmes is always cool about signing autographs.
Barmes Auto 4-12-09.jpg                                                      Spilborghs and Hawpe
Spilborghs and Hawpe 4-10-09.jpg                                                             Happy Hawpe
Happy Hawpe 4-10-09.jpg                                                            Jamie Moyer
Jamie Moyer 1-4-11-09.jpg                             A different shot of Emily giving away a baseball.
Emily giving ball away 2009.jpg                                                      I just liked this picture
Neat shot 4-11-09.jpg                                                    I liked this one too
Neat picture 2.jpg                                                          
Seth SmithSeth smith ODW.jpg                                        Smith just as he catches the baseball
Smith catching the ball.jpg                                               Spilborghs snapping one up
Spilly snag 4-10-09.jpg                                    A shot of Tulowitzki from the Pavilion
Shot of Tulo from the Pavilion.jpg                                                           Todd Helton
Todd Helton on first.jpg                      The Mariachi band on opening day in front of the Rockpile gate
Mariachi.jpg     Todd Helton gettin his swings in at batting practice. See Vinny just to the left of him.
Helton getting his swings.jpg                                                  Tulo adjusting his lid
Tulo adjusting his lid.jpg                                                  Another one of Helton
Todd Helton Warm up.jpg               I asked him to stop and pose for me and this is what I got..not bad
Todd posing.jpg                A shot of the teams lined up for the singing of the National Anthem
Opening Ceremonies.jpg                            Ryan Howard at bat, the dude has a sweet swing
Howard at bat.jpg                                              Todd Helton doing his thing
Helton doing his thing.jpg                                                    Howard out at first
Howard out at first.jpg                                                   Dexter Fowler at bat
Fowler at bat.jpg                                                   Fowler with the bunt
Fowler with the bunt.jpg                                          Spilborghs seconds from a swing
Spilly swing.jpg                                       Helton with a perfect swing, and a miss
Helton perfect swing.jpg                                                     Helton with a hit
Helton later gettin a hit.jpg                             A shot of the ball just before it crosses the plate
Helton ball mid air.jpg               We saw this strange vehicle parked outside of Coors on our way out??
Interesting vehicle parked outside of Coors.jpg                                      Julia help me out here, what is this?…DThumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image

Lots more 2009 Rockies Spring Training pictures

Here are some more pictures from the Angels game on March 2, 2009 at Hi-Corbett field.

                                                     Shot of the Field
the field 3-2-09.JPG

                                           The temperature just before game time. 
Scoreboard hot 3-2-09.jpg
                            A shot of the mountains behind the right field fence.
Shot of the Right field fence 3-2-09.jpg
Warm up 3-2-09-1.jpg                                                           Tulowitzki
Tulo 3-2-09.jpg
Tulobat 3-2-09.jpg                                                     Joe Koshansky
JoeK 3-2-09.jpg                                                    
Franklin MoralesMorales 3-2-09.jpg                                 A eager fan waiting patiently for her autograph
Eager fan 3-2-09.jpg                            Spilborghs an instant before contact, I love this picture.
Spilly hit 3-2-09.jpg                                                          Tulowitzki
Tulobatting 3-2-09.jpg                                                      
Yorvit TorealbaYorvit Torealba 3-2-09.jpgA shot of the Mobile Blog Unit tucked away in the trees from the top row of the bleachers just to the left of home plate.
MBU from top seat at Hi-C 3-2-09.jpg   A closer look, I could keep an eye on the MBU and watch the game at the same time.
CloseupMBU from top seat at Hi-C 3-2-09.jpg                                      Captain Earthman says “Come thirsty”
Captain Earthman 3-2-09.jpg                               I thought the dude in the back had a cool shirt… 🙂
Nice shirt 3-2-09.jpg
                     From one extreme to another here’s pitching coach Bob Apodaca.
Bob Apodaca 3-2-09.jpg                                                      Group picture
End of inning 3-2-09.jpg                                              Spilborghs getting ready to hit.
Spilborghs stretch 3-2-09.jpg                                                 Jason Hirsh warming up.
Jason Hirsh warmup 3-2-09.jpg                                             A little closer look at Hirsh
Hirsh 3-2-09.jpg              Another shot of Captain Earthman in all his glory. This buds for you 🙂
Earthman in all his Glory 3-2-09.jpg

Misc pictures from 2008 # 2


                                                            Aaron Cook
Cook signing 101.JPG

                                                     Cook on the Mound
Cook Mound 101.jpg                                                  Cook about to release.
Cook throwing101.jpg                                                      A little meeting.
group meeting101.jpg                                            Ubaldo tossing a ball to Hunter.
Ubaldo tossing ball101.jpg                                                           D-Backs
Dbacks101.jpg                                                       More meetings
Hill and Spilly.jpg                                                   Tulowitzki and Stewart
Tulo Stewart104.jpg                                                       Barmes at bat.
Barmes at Bat103.jpg                                               
Manny Ramirez on firstManny on first101.jpg                                                        Matt Holliday
Matt H tired.jpg                                                       Misc Dodgers
Misc Dodgers.jpg                                                    Jeff Francis at bat.
Francis at Bat1011.jpg                                             
Moments before the swing.Francis At Bat 2.jpg                                                         Jason Grilli
Jason Grilli 101.jpg          Barmes at bat, Holliday on deck. Look at the baseball going across the plate
Holliday Barmes at bat.jpg                                            
Holliday hitting a home run.Holiday hits a homer.jpg                                                             Atkins
Atkins 104.jpg                                                Matt after striking out.
Matt struck out.jpg                                                        
Mylee posingMylee Posing101.jpg                                                   Misc Reds Players
Misc Reds Players.jpg                                                 Fuentes smiling…scary
Fuentes smiling.jpg
Fuentes too close.jpg                                           Tulowitzki, Atkins and Stewart
Stewart and TuloStewart and Tulo 221.jpg
four of them.jpg                                                    Atkins signing a ball
Atkins Signing101.jpg                                                        Alana from FSN
Alana FSN1.jpg                                                  Brian Fuentes chillin
Brian Fuentes 101.jpg                                                           
PitchersRockies Pitchers.jpg
High Five.jpg                                        Grilli and Corpas signing in the bullpen
Grilli and Corpas signing in the Bullpen.jpg                                                     
Willy TaverasWilly 9-1-08-1.jpg                                                    Holliday struck out.
Holliday struck out1.jpg                                          Atkins letting a strike sneak by.
Atkins swing 9-1-081.jpg                                                         
Tulo at bat.Tuloatbat1.jpg
Tuloatbat 2.jpg                                                    
Jorge De La RosaJorgeDLR-1.jpg                                               
Clint Hurdle’s autograph x 2Hurdles Autograph 9-1-08.JPG               

Misc pictures from 2008 Season # 1


                Blog entry # 1 for the Rockpile Ranter’s Picture Blog.

                                                          Taylor Buchholz

                                                     Joe KoshanskyDSCN2231.JPG                                Spillborghs signing team posters for everyone.
Spilly sign poster.jpg                                                        Clint Barmes
Clint Barmes 100.jpg                                                       
Garrett AtkinsGarrett Atkins 100.jpg                                                       
Dexter FowlerDexter Fowler 100.jpg                                            
 Hawpe, Stewart and Barmes Hawpe, Stewart Barmes 100.jpg                                                 
Tulowitzki and StewartTulo and Stewart100.jpg                                                         
TulowitzkiTulo 101.jpg                                                          
Tulo Ball 101.jpgTulo and Atkins
Tulo and Atkins 100.jpgClint Hurdle
Clint Hurdle 102.jpg                                                          Mylee and Hunter
My's pair.jpg
Hunters quartet.jpg                                                             
Zito zito.jpg

                                                      Chris Iannetta
Iannetta 102.jpg                                                 
Atkins and TulowitzkiAtkins Tulo catch 100.jpg